Koi Fry Update: On Track for Late Spring / Early Summer Release

We're pleased to announce that our 2024 spawnings have started, with the first round completed last week.  We spawned 7 females, and the hatch from 4 of them looks good. The eggs hatched over the weekend and koi fry are now munching away happily , and the most important thing... growing!

We are tracking to plan, and despite positive early signs, so many things can go wrong so we'll wait until day 12 before announcing the varieties and numbers in this first round.

Assuming we continue to track to plan, then our forecast timings are as follows:

- The first 2-3 week old fry mix will become available to order towards the end of next week (w/c 13th May).  With shipments the week after, ie w/c 20th May.

- The first 6-8 week old fry mix will become available for shipping around the second half of June.  The w/c 17th June is week 7 for the fry - so this may be possible.  Otherwise the week after.

Prices for 2024 koi fry are:

2-3 week old fry:

250 for £40

500 for £70

1000 for £105

Note: 2-3 week old fry are recommended for more experienced koi fry keepers.  We can supply a food pack, but these are best reared on live artemia.

6-8 week old fry:

50 for £35

100 for £50

250 for £85

500 for £120

1000 for £180

Koi delivery is £29.95, with collection available if that's preferred.

If you would like to pre order from the round 1 batch, you can do so from the website:


I'd prefer to wait until day 12 before taking 2-3 week fry orders, but some of you have asked to pre order these, and we will take an order if you'd like to reserve the stock.  Email us if this is of interest, at :  info@byerkoifarm.co.uk   .Supply will be subject to availability.

We'll be starting the second round of spawning soon too, in around 7-10 days time.  And, the spawning rounds will continue through the summer, with 2-3 week gaps.

For a sneaky peak of the hatch from one of the females we spawned last week... here's one batch from one of the spawnings, at the end of their second day on the food: