Koi For Sale


      Explore our extensive selection of premium koi for sale online, perfect for your koi pond. Convenient UK wide koi fish delivery or visit our koi shop. Trusted koi breeder offering Japanese koi carp varieties including Hi Utsuri, Tancho, Karashigoi, Asagi, Shusui, Mukashi, Yamabuki, Hariwake, Beni Kikokuryu & Doitsu. 

      Koi purchased over the winter can be left at Byer Koi Farm until the spring at no extra charge, and then shipped or collected.

      Byer Koi Farm
      UK breeder of champions

      Pushing the boundaries is in our DNA, and now with Byer Koi Farm being a leading UK koi farm consistently producing champion winning koi, we are elevating the quality and perception of UK bred koi and contributing to the success of UK aquaculture