Koi Fry Update: 2-3 Week Koi Fry Mix, Available Now!

Our first spawning round has been a success!  The fry are doing really well and approaching 2 weeks old.

That means we can announce the range of spawnings and varieties in the round 1 mix, which are as follows:

Round 1 Fry Mix, 2-3 Week Old Fry

From 5 spawnings, we have the following mix:

Doitsu Ochiba, Aragoke (various types), Doitsu Soragoi, Doitsu Chagoi, Kosui, Kumonryu, Kikisui, Doitsu Platinum, Doitsu Orengi, Doitsu Metallic Ochiba, Goshiki.

Our 2-3 week fry are packed , unselected !  We take a scoop at random from the hatchery and then count the fry 1 by 1 into the bag. 

Order Now! - Round 1 , 2-3 Week Fry

We're taking orders for 2-3 week old fry now - with deliveries running from this Friday, and through next week.

Deliveries of 2-3 week old fry will be available on the following dates:

Friday 17th May

Wednesday 22nd May

Friday 24th May

2-3 week old fry prices for 2024 are:

250 for £40
500 for £70
1000 for £105

Delivery is £29.95

We highly recommend taking our food pack with your fry, to keep them on the same food they're being fed on here.  We're holding the price for the food pack at the same as last year, which is £19.95

Food pack for 2-3 week old fry (250g 0.3-0.5mm, 250g 0.5-0.8mm, 500g 0.8-1.2mm) : £19.95

We're also offering a variation this year which is the same food pack plus 50g of Artemia.  The price of this fry food pack for 2-3 week old fry, plus Artemia is :£29.95.

Food pack for 2-3 week old fry with Artemia (50g Artemia, 250g 0.3-0.5mm, 250g 0.5-0.8mm, 500g 0.8-1.2mm): £29.95

Round 1, 6-8 Week Fry

This should be the same mix as we have currently at 2-3 week.  They just need another few weeks to mature before they reach the 6-8 week age.  If you would like to order 6-8 week old fry (https://www.byerkoifarm.co.uk/collections/fry/products/pre-order-for-upcoming-2024-season-koi-fry-delivery-expect-late-spring-early-summer) - these will be available for shipping in around 4-6 weeks time.