Chagoi For Sale


      Regarded as a must have for all UK koi ponds, Chagoi koi carp are a much loved, very popular and fast growing. Whether you are an experienced koi hobbyist or new to koi keeping, our range of Chagoi for sale could be perfect for you. Our breeding lines are from Oakly, Marudo Koi Farm, Marusei Koi Farm & Otsuka Koi Farm

      Most of the chagoi for sale at Adam Byer Koi Farm are bred from our huge 105cm female koi we named Oakly after the famous UK Oak tree because of her immense size and lovely mid range brown tea colour.

      Byer Koi Farm
      UK breeder of champions

      Pushing the boundaries is in our DNA, and now with Byer Koi Farm being a leading UK koi farm consistently producing champion winning koi, we are elevating the quality and perception of UK bred koi and contributing to the success of UK aquaculture