Online Release Tonight: 11 Special Oakly Chagoi Tosai

Oakly is our 105cm Chagoi female parent, and she produces very special chagoi's with great growth potential and also a particularly nice quality.  Many feature vignette around the scales and develop very attractive fukurin too.

This was a very late spawning last year, and we've just harvested the pond and made around 70 tosai koi available.  The best of those we will be putting online, starting today with 11 koi ranging from 21cm to 31cm.

The majority are in the 21-26cm range and priced at £75.  We have one at 31cm and priced at £125.  That particularly large tosai is the one to go for if you prioritise growth.  The others will still grow very well and are larger than most in the spawning - so we do recommend giving those plenty of attention too.

There is something about our Oakly line chagoi.  They just have that special quality and stand above everything else.

From 8pm tonight night (8th April), you can view all the new Oakly Chagoi's on our individual premium koi for sale page, here:

The link sorts the newest koi at the top, for your convenience.

 We've uploaded a preview video of all the Chagoi being released tonight, here:

Here are pictures of all the Chagoi's being released tonight: