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      Enjoy growing baby koi? Koi fry offer a rewarding aquatics hobby providing unique insights into koi development and with potential for some to mature into exceptional nishikigoi—the ultimate koi keeping success. Our koi fry for sale are bred from special Japanese Koi parents (Oyagoi). Order up to 1000 koi fry online. Enjoy a range of koi varieties with our fry mixes, collated from several spawnings to provide a diverse selection for your enjoyment.

      2024 Koi Fry

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      We ran a series of spawnings very late last autumn, and have held fry over the winter so we can supply customers who want to get started with koi fry early in 2024.

      They are around the size of our standard 6-8 week old fry offering.

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      We sell Koi Fry in two sizes/ages:

      6-8 week old fry

      This is our most popular fry offering.The fry are typically supplied in multi variety mixes, made up from 2 or 3 spawnings.  We do sometimes offer fry from just one spawning on request.Estimated time of first availability : late June, to early July.

      2-3 week old fry

      These fry are unselected, and straight from our hatchery.  We also offer an optional food pack to ensure they have the right food for their first stint in their new home.These fry are recommended for people who are experienced at rearing fry.

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