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      We breed koi from very special, and very large Japanese Koi parents (Oyagoi).  The koi fry produced are raised in natural ponds where abundant zooplankton gives them the best start, helps them grow quickly and maintain excellent condition and health.  We make them available for sale after harvest in multi variety mixes.
      Watch the koi farm blog for the latest fry news

      We have completed most of the early season spawnings.  In general, expect a good range across go sanke and non-go sanke types.  We have some new varieties for this year to accompany our existing optimised breeding lines that makes for our most exciting spawning line up to date! Keep an eye on our koi farm blog for regular updates here:

      Koi Blog

      We sell Koi Fry in two sizes/ages:

      6-8 week old fry

      This is our most popular fry offering.The fry are typically supplied in multi variety mixes, made up from 2 or 3 spawnings.  We do sometimes offer fry from just one spawning on request.Estimated time of first availability : late June, to early July.

      2-3 week old fry

      These fry are unselected, and straight from our hatchery.  We also offer an optional food pack to ensure they have the right food for their first stint in their new home.These fry are recommended for people who are experienced at rearing fry.