Japanese Koi

      Experience the expertise of a trusted retailer and koi breeder, now offering fully quarantined, high-quality Japanese Koi Carp for sale. Leveraging our relationships with trusted Japanese breeders, from whom we source our own brood fish, we meticulously select and handpick these premium koi for you.

      All Japanese Koi undergo the same rigorous quarantine process as our own breeding stocks, lasting 6-8 weeks and including two heat ramps. Only those Japanese koi that successfully pass this stringent process can integrate with our farm stocks and be offered for sale.
      Byer Koi Farm
      UK breeder of champions

      Pushing the boundaries is in our DNA, and now with Byer Koi Farm being a leading UK koi farm consistently producing champion winning koi, we are elevating the quality and perception of UK bred koi and contributing to the success of UK aquaculture