Japanese Tosai In Quarantine: Available To Order Now

As part of our new strategy to fill gaps in our sales room offerings with Japanese Koi, we have successfully received a shipment of special Japanese tosai Kohaku, Sanke and Tancho from some of the most notable Go Sanke breeders.  We acquired these koi to grow on to nisai at Adam Byer Koi Farm to ensure we have a nisai harvest in these varieties. But, we are also willing to sell some of them now at tosai.  This presents you with an exclusive chance to acquire koi typically reserved for nisai, at a more affordable price point

In this blog post, we present our pricing for the new koi, and also provide reference numbers for each one.

All of these tosai are all currently locked away in our quarantine facility; where they will be going through double heat ramps and other treatments to deal with the basics too.  That process is going to take 6-8 weeks.

Whilst they are going through that process, we are will to take orders for some of these koi.  The remainder, are pencilled in for growing here at Byer Koi Farm  to nisai - scheduled for harvest this autumn.

Koi will be offered for sale on a first come first served basis.

For videos of the koi - please see yesterday's blog here: 


Our pricing for these koi, collected or shipped (£29.95 for koi delivery) post quarantine is as follows:

Saito Kohaku 24-28cm, £245
Maruyama 17-24cm, £295
Tamaura 22-27cm, £295
Maruhide Tancho 23-29cm, £295

Below, you'll find photographs of each bowl with the koi given a reference number.  

If you'd like to order - contact us (https://www.byerkoifarm.co.uk/pages/contact-us) specifying which koi you would like, and we'll send you an express checkout link to order.

We can also offer a growing on service on these koi as well, at £150 per koi for this summer.

Saito Kohaku 24-28cm, £245


Maruyama Kohaku 17-24cm, £295


Tamaura 22-27cm Kohaku and Sanke, £295

Maruhide Tancho 23-29cm, £295