Online koi release tonight (Monday 8th April) at 8pm

We have a great release scheduled for you this evening at 8pm, made up from koi harvested recently from our new Marusaka line of doitsu metallics, plus Showa from MGS line and a few others too.

There are two bowls of £50 koi, 1 of £75 koi and 2 of £125 koi.

From 8pm tonight night (8th April), you can view all the new koi on our individual premium koi for sale page, here:

The link sorts the newest koi at the top, for your convenience.

There are some very special koi in tonight's release and you may need to be quick off the mark to secure them!  In particular, the £125 Tancho Benikikokuryu - see the final preview bowl below.

In advance, we hope you enjoy a preview in the following videos:







Good luck tonight in securing the koi you like.  And we thank you also for your interest in Byer Koi Farm.