15cm Japanese Tosai Koi Mix, From £27.50 Each

We present Japanese Tosai Koi Mix in bundles , with prices as low as £27.50 each 

Here's a sample from the mix:

Prices are as follows:

3 for £120 (£40 each)

5 for £165 (£33 each)

10 for £275 (£27.50 each)

Order from here : https://www.byerkoifarm.co.uk/collections/small-koi/products/15cm-japanese-tosai-koi-mix

The mix includes Kohaku and Sanke from Marudo and Hi Utsuri from Shinoda.

These are all fully quarantined and you are welcome to visit to pick your own , or let us know what combination you’d like and we can pick for you.

If you wanted us to construct a mix for you comprising some of these Japanese Koi and also our 6-8 inchers which contains other varieties like Mukashi , Yamabuki , Chagoi , and a wide range of others too - just ask !