Kohaku, Sanke and Tancho shipment: Incoming !

Tonight I am due to receive a new batch of Japanese koi, which I have selected to fill the gap in our own production from last year, and be grown here to nisai for our autumn harvest.

We have tateshita Kohaku tosai coming from Maruyama, Saito Koi Farm and Maruhide.  You'll probably know Maruyama who won the All Japan Koi Show with a fantastic Kohaku 2 years ago, and Maruhide is a Niigata breeder already winning awards in large sizes with his range.  And we have others too, including tateshita Tancho's from Maruhide and also Sanke and Kohaku from Tamaura.

Here's a still photo of the Maruyama Kohaku's:

These will all fill the gap in our production from last year and be treated as ake nisai and be grown here to nisai under our husbandry.  That will enable us to offer a Kohaku nisai harvest this year, with a great range of Kohaku and Tancho!  The Sanke's will be a bonus :-)

Tonight's main objective is to bring the new koi back to base, and settle them into quarantine where they will stay for 6-8 weeks while we heat ramp them twice and deal with all the basic's too.

We have aquired enough so that we can release a few at tosai too, and also offer growing on here at Byer Koi Farm too if that's of interest.

So for now, please enjoy these preview videos which we have from their selections in Japan. We'll take our own footage in the next few weeks once they've settled into quarantine and we're comfortable they are on track.

And...    if you see anything of interest - we will release a few at tosai, so please enquire!  Contact details here: https://www.byerkoifarm.co.uk/pages/contact-us

Maruyama Kohaku:

 Maruhide Tancho's:

 Saito Kohaku's:

Tamaura Kohak and Sanke: