And the final selection this year is... Asagi :-)

Just over 1000 koi reviewed today, in our final round of selections for 2022.

The next round will probably be mid February, leading up to the final tosai selection just before release in the early spring.

Heading into Asagi selections this year is a much more familiar process than last year because we now have that extra year of experience with our Asagi line and so can predict with more certainty the number we will have at each grade.  And it helps that the previous year's Asagi did so well at a range of koi shows this year!

This year's batch look similar to last year's, so if you missed out on last year's Asagi and wish you'd picked one up at tosai...  you'll have another chance in the spring :-)

Check out the skin quality on these lovely Asagi:

And the odd special one with a head pattern... so unique on Asagi:

And, some video footage of these choice picks which you can expect to see in our tosai release in the spring:


These Asagi are still very juvenile, and the beni will strengthen over the next few months and at harvest in the spring for our tosai release, they will look like last year's batch.

There are a couple of places on the blog where you can see last year's Asagi tosai:


And, you can see a batch of last year's Asagi tosai in the video embedded in this blog post too:

Tomorrow is Christmas day, and we'll be taking the day (mostly) off.  And then work commences next week on re-lining all of our fry ponds!

We have some new brood stock in from Japan which are currently in our quarantine area and going through the quarantine process.  More on those and other varieties we are looking to accompany our expansion in go sanke for 2023, and we have some other exciting plans for 2023 too which I'll tell you about in the new year.

For now, wishing you all a happy and healthy Christmas and new year.

Adam and Amanda.