BKKS National Koi Show 2022 Customer Awards

Three of our customers won competitive awards at the recent BKKS National Koi Show, competing against some of the best fish in the country and placing well in some tough categories.

Laurence Harvey and Sheila Hart visited us in April and picked up an Asagi each from our tosai release.  Our Asagi's this year have been getting a lot of attention, and for us this is particularly pleasing as it's the first time we've spawned Asagi at Adam Byer Koi Farm.  So, for both these Asagi's to place well in size 2 at the show was great news and helps to demonstrate the underlying quality in our Asagi line.  Sheila placed 1st out of 5, with Laurence placing 3rd out of 5 as well.

Here's a video of a selection of the tosai that were supplied to the Koi Diaries Grow and Show event in June, which shows the Asagi and you can see the quality in our Asagi range.

Another customer, Alan Reeves , also won some great placings with his metallic Ogons from us at Adam Byer Koi Farm.

Alan picked this Ogons up from from our small koi mixes, and with the Yamabuki, that one was actually from our 'Clash of the Titans' event from back in 2020, which you can read about here: 




Alan has a history of being able to pick the right koi, then grow them on and improve them and win competitive awards at the biggest shows.  You'll see his name appearing a few times on our awards list : https://www.byerkoifarm.co.uk/pages/awards?_pos=1&_sid=c83345031&_ss=r

Alan placed 2nd out of 3 with is Yamabuki in size 2 Hikari Muji, and 3rd out of 5 with his size 4 Mukashi Ogon.  Great work Alan!