Clearing tanks today gave us a chance to view the Oakly Chagoi and Asagi staying at the farm to nisai

We are continuing preparations for spawning, and today that involved moving several tanks of koi around to clear our spawning and egg rearing facility; and also to give the late Kohaku spawning from last year a good tank to complete their growing cycle to tosai.

In that process, we netted and moved all the Asagi and Oakly chagoi we are growing to nisai and moved them to a much larger pond where they will stay until September.

That gave us a chance for some quick measurements, and pictures.  And that is what I have for you in this blog post!

The Oakly Chagoi and the Asagi have been growing in the same pond for the last month since tosai selection, and these are the biggest and best of the koi from those spawnings last year that we are investing in further with extended stays in temperature controlled ponds and being fed Saki Hikari Growth too.

The largest koi from this batch are just under 40cm, and bear in mind both spawning were in July last year... this is great going.

Some of the Asagi have unique head pattern which appears to be an extremely rare aspect.  The Oakly chagoi's body volumes are impressive so too is the skin quality and the fukurin now developing around the scales.

Now in their new larger pond, and with the investment in the food, temperature and also investing in additional space for them; we hope to be generating something really exciting for us all to observe come nisai harvest in the early Autumn.

Here are a few pictures from today:

Skin growing around the scales on this Chagoi from our Oakly line
Fukurin developing so well on such a young Chagoi is a really good sign; both for this individual koi and as we are also seeing the trait across a good proportion of the spawning, it also bodes well for our Oakly line too.
A classic Asagi pattern, with deep red on the gill plates and a clean white head and blue coloured body
Classic Asagi pattern, with the red on the gill plates.  Symetrical, and with very refined kiwa, ie pattern edges.  The red is also a strong colour too which is very pleasing along side the light blue back on this style of Asagi.
A unique head pattern on this Asagi with red on the centre of the head as well as on the gill plates
What an amazing head pattern on this Asagi!

So good, it warrants another photo :-)

Ok, so not you standard Asagi pattern but unique and that is a rarity factor making this a very desirable Asagi.

As well as the fukurin developing around the scales creating the golf ball like effect; the shoulder volumes on these koi is really fantastic.  It's our first year with the Oakly line so we have a watching brief on the development line but even at this early stage, it's a trait we'd certainly want!  Volume on any koi, particularly with the muscle developing along the back, above the lateral line makes the koi imposing in the pond.  And these Oakly Chagoi's certainly have that aspect.

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