2024 Small Koi Mixes: The First Releases Are Now Available

Happy new year!

The seasonal period has been time for us to take stock, and re focus again for this coming year.  Still plenty going on too , mainly with all the spawnings going through another round of selection.  We've shared much of that on our social media, and I'll bring some highlights to the blog too.

Over the next 2 months we are starting pre season checks and... a lot of cleaning of kit and equipment in preparation for spring spawnings, in advance of the next round of selections which are pencilled in for the end of February.

I'll talk more about all of those things on another blog.  For now, I'd like to tell you about our new small koi mixes that we are storing in warm water and are available to buy now; and can either be shipped or collected now if you have a heated pond or grow on system.  Or, order now to reserve stock and shipped in the spring.

Our selected 3-4 inch mix is looking particularly good!  Lots of the doitsu metallics in there, including Beni Kikokuryu, Kikisui, Ochiba, Ai Goromo, Chagoi, Mukashi and a wide range of others in small numbers from patterned metallic spawnings, and doitsu non metallics too.  You'll also find some of our so-called 'Minion fish' (first mentioned here: https://www.byerkoifarm.co.uk/blogs/blog/autumn-koi-farm-update-final-harvests-premium-tosai-selections-and-more), which are basically two types.  Some are Kin Bekko... ie, doitsu metallic orange with black markings over the back.  And some are Beni kikokuryu, but no white ; so with the metallic orange base colour and then black longitudinal stripes like a kumonryu would have.

a shoal of brightly coloured koi carp

You can order from here: https://www.byerkoifarm.co.uk/collections/small-koi

Most of these koi are from spawnings off the new brood stock we imported last year, selected on my trip to Japan 11 months ago.  It's very satisfying to seeing the broader range coming off that investment and we hope you enjoy them!

We have also listed 5-6 inch HQ Yamabuki. These are from our 93cm Izumiya Yamabuki female that is a knock out brood fish. It's taken 2 years before we managed to spawn her and the off spring are a very exciting prospect.  They have great shine and, now we're into the best 0.5% of the spawning... the colour also are excellent,  But it's the body shapes that excite me the most with their strong shoulder area supporting a tall and also broader development potential.  What this means in practical terms, is that these koi are likely to develop into impactful koi that will stand out in any pond.

Here's a selection of the 5-6 inch Yamabuki's:

7 yamabuki ogons pictured together in a net.  each one showing off a different shade of yellow
These Yamabuki can also be ordered from the website here: https://www.byerkoifarm.co.uk/collections/small-koi
We can also offer 3-4 inch, and 4-5 inch Oakly chagoi's too.   Here are some examples of 3-4 inch Oakly Chagoi's sent out this week:
3 Oakly chagoi's in a floating basket
Super colour, and also vignette developing nicely!
These can also be ordered from the website here: https://www.byerkoifarm.co.uk/collections/small-koi