Autumn Koi Farm Update: Final Harvests, Premium Tosai Selections, and More

We've been busy selecting through all the spawnings from this year and making late harvests, to start preparing the wide range of koi for tosai release next spring.

Our buying trip to Japan early in 2023 was a great success and helped us beef up our existing breeding lines and also add new varieties to our range.  For a reminder of the trip, please see these blog posts:


New varieties: )

We've been seeing some of the benefits from that trip in the autumn selections, with the new types of koi we've bred and also some very successful spawnings on doitsu metallic types which we've bred before but needed more in that area.

Here are some pictures from the last couple of months to give a flavour of our goings on.

 a range of tosai koi, bright metallic colours

Spawned off a new female from Marusaka, which produced a range of Yamato (Doitsu metallic sanke), and kikisui as well as some beni kikokuryu too (not in picture).

a net of young doitsu metallic koi

Spawned off one of our new females from Ikarashi on the trip to Japan earlier this year.  We expect a good range of doitsu metallics to be available this spring.

underwater picture of a shoal of metallic scaled yellow yamabuki koi at around 4 inch long

HQ yamabuki at around 4 -5 inch long, off our 93cm world class Izumiya Yamabuki female.  A great success!

a mixed batch of young koi

small koi around an inch long in a net

We call these 'Minion Fish'.  They are a rare output from one of our doitsu metallic spawnings.

some chagoi koi with amazing scales definition

Our Oakly line has delivered again!  We have a  great range of HQ chagoi coming through .

close up on a young chagoi showing the amazing scales pattern even at such a young age

close up on a young chagoi showing the amazing scale pattern and vignette even at such a young age.