2023: A Splash of Success in Koi-verse – Unveiling New Varieties, Products, and Events!

2023 was another busy year at Byer Koi Farm.  Despite the demanding business landscape, we set ambitious targets and made significant investments to achieve them.

We hit more targets than we missed, and overall it was a successful year with our efforts setting us up for another year of growth in 2024.  

We're already preparing behind the scenes for 2024 and have a customer focussed calendar of events to share with you.  But before we do that, I wanted to reflect and look back on the highlights and successes last year.

Japan buying trip

This was one of our big investments last year, travelling to Japan on a koi buying trip to bring in enough brood stock in non go sanke varities so we can offer a more diverse range of varieties which is what most of our customers are looking for.  This development addresses our customer's asks, which they presented to us in the 'Have your say' questionnaire at the end of 2022.

The trip was a huge success, and many of the koi brought back delivered us fry in the first year of trying.  You can read about the new varieties purchased, here: https://www.byerkoifarm.co.uk/blogs/blog/new-range-of-koi-varieties-expanding-our-breeding-stock

A bonus from the trip were connections made with several Japanese koi farmers.  And some chance encounters with other people who share a passion for koi, from the UK trade and the global koi kichi.

drive way leading to a Japanese koi farm, in thick snowy conditions

Go sanke remain our top focus, and even though the 2023 trip was non go sanke focussed, we are still investing and focussing heavily on Kohaku and Showa and have recently brought in some new brood fish on those varieties this winter from Torazo and Sekiguchi, and Sanke's also from Torazo.

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Variety Breakthrough’s & Production

Beni Kikokuryu and other Doitsu metallics

We've been breeding Beni Kikokuryu for a few years and have produced some really good ones but not in sufficient quantity to make them commercially viable for the farm.  It's a variety I'm particularly interested in , the original spark for that was during my trip to Japan in 2015 when I spotted a couple of large Beni Kikokuryi at the Nagaoka koi show - and at that time , I had no idea about that variety ; but these few koi caught my eye and I couldn't stop looking at them!  You can see those koi in some of the pictures I took at the show, which you can see on my write up of day 4 of that trip, here: https://www.byerkoifarm.co.uk/blogs/blog/japan-day-4-part-1-the-nagaoka-koi-show?_pos=7&_sid=b52fde005&_ss=r

So this year, with the additional brood stock purchased, and several combinations tested in year, we have finally made what we believe to be a significant step forwards in Beni Kikokuryu production.  And you'll see the output from that in our tosai offerings spring 2024.  This is based on 2 pairings that have worked well, and this year, we plan to expand on those pairings to increase production of Beni Kikokuryu.

a net filled with bright doitsu koi

Showing the range of doitsu metallics, at a very young tosai stage.

a few high quality doitsu koi in a black net

A close up on some stand out examples of our doitsu metallics range.  These are young tosai, and several months before release.  Beni Kikokuryu, Kikisui, Yamatonishki.

Mukashi Ogons

We have a large and very special Marusei female, last measured at 96cm a couple of year ago and she may be 1m or even larger now... we need a measure up!   She's stunning, and we've named her Opaline.  But, the first year with her, the eggs were not fertile ! .  Then the second year, we had a good spawning volume wise, and the Mukashi Ogons from that spawning are turning out to be the best we've ever produced.  They were released at tosai in spring 2023, and nisai in autumn 2023.

A net of different colours of Mukashi Ogon tosai at Adam Byer Koi Farm 

 Tosai Mukashi Ogons, Opaline line.

One customer, Kyle Weaver, bought Opaline fry from us, grew them on and took his best one to the BKKS National Koi Show and took 1st in size 2 Hikari Muji with it!  A really great koi keeping result, and obviously, we're over the moon with the genetics we provided in that batch of fry!

Adam Byer and Kyle Weaver stood by Kyle's winning vat at the BKKS National Koi Show

If you want to try our Opaline line Mukashi's yourself, there are lots of opportunities to do so this year... whether it be Nisai , or if you prefer taking small koi mix or tosai... keep an eye on new about our 2023 Opaline spawning which is due for release late spring 2024.


We acquired a 93cm Izumiya Yamabuki of outstanding quality a couple of years ago and it's taken that length of time for us to be able to get a spawning from her.  Finally she delivered in summer 2023, and fertilisation was pretty good...  and we have a great batch coming through to tosai this spring.  These are at the same level as our Mukashi Ogons, and are not to be missed!

lots of bright yellow yamabuki ogons
Our Yamabuki Ogon tosai
showing the insane skin quality of our female yamabuki koi parent
The insane skin quality of our female yamabuki koi parent!

Doitsu ochiba

This has been a project over the last few years and in autumn 2023 we harvested our largest batch of Doitsu Ochiba nisai.  These are going down very well with our customers, who love the grey / brown colouration and the unique pattern types we are getting on our line.

a net filled with doitsu ochiba koi

You can filter the koi for sale page on any of the varieties, which is a really neat way to see our offerings!  Here are the Doitsu Ochiba's we currently have for sale:



One of our best years in terms of total numbers produced.  We've been working behind the scenes to improve the yield in our ponds with some of that providing in year benefit.

lots of spawning ropes laid out to drylots of koi eggs on a spawning rope

thousands of tiny newly hatched koi fry

Other highlights

Sales room, and new opening hours

We developed the dry goods side in our koi sales room offering products we use and believe in, including pond treatments, pumps and other filtration, and also other useful products for navigating your pond successfully through the season.

And we introduced public opening hours for the main season so customers can just pop in without an appointment on those days.  We remain open by appointment any day of the year too.

A street sign pointing to Adam Byer Koi Farm

dry goods on the shelves at Adam Byer Koi Farm's koi shop

Our new range of Evolution Aqua koi products.

Show successes

2023 was another year of continued success in the UK's koi show circuit, reaffirming our reputation for excellence in the industry. Notably, Kohaku and Asagi varieties stood out, impressively competing against the toughest of Japanese imports at competitive. Standout achievements included Tony Thompson's 3rd place with a nisai Kohaku at the All England Koi Show and Matt Savage's 2nd place with a nisai Asagi at the BKKS National Koi Show.

Tony Thompson with his major win with an Adam Byer Koi Farm Kohaku at the All England Koi Show

Here's Tony Thompson with his major win with an Adam Byer Koi Farm Kohaku at the All England Koi Show

Matthew Savage, and his winners rosette!

Good job with that Asagi, Matthew!

Another Asagi success from Daniel Adams who won 1st place with an Asagi purchased from the farm as a small koi and grown to 63cm in 2 years, and also winning, further highlights the strength of our Asagi line.  To top if off,  this koi was recognised in the esteemed 'World Of Nishikigoi' volume 3.

Daniel Adam's , Adam Byer Koi Asagi

Here's the 63cm nisai Asagi Daniel Adams grew on from a 4-5 pick from our small koi mix.

Our new Opaline Mukashi Ogon line, much loved by our customers , is also a new avenue of show success. Particularly notable was Kyle Weaver's win, taking Opaline Mukashi Ogon fry, growing them on and winning against tough opposition at the BKKS National Koi Show, showcasing both our breeding advancements and the quality of the genetics.

Additionally, Alan Reeves' continues to have success with a Byer Koi Farm Yamabuki, originally from the Clash of the Titans grow-on competition.

For more on these amazing results, please see the blog here: https://www.byerkoifarm.co.uk/blogs/blog/koi-fry-to-bkks-national-koi-show-winner

Tosai release and Nisai release

These are the two largest sales releases of the year, with the Tosai release in early spring and the Nisai release in late summer.

It's a great opportunity to get an early pick from new stock, and both events were well attended again last year.

Koi shows

We use the shows as a way to clear stock in advance of new harvests back at the farm and last year, we attended three koi shows including the two we are usually at which are the BKKS National Koi Show and also the All England Koi Show.  And we also attended the Great British Koi Show in Newark too.  Koi shows span across the summer, and these are a great time to see us if you want to take advantage of special show discounts and deals.

At the Great British Koi Show and the All England Koi Show's, as well as good deals on koi bred in the previous year.... we also presented new stock that was just a few months old!  Expect us to do the same again this year.

Adam byer Koi Farm at a koi show

Adam Byer Koi Farm at a koi show

Adam Byer Koi Farm at a koi show

The whole Byer family helping at our stand at the koi show

The whole Byer family helping at our stand at the koi show!

Open day in June, with the fixed price auction

This was a new event on the calendar and held in association with the Koi Roadshow in 2023.  Very well attended for an inaugural event, and we also received a lot of very positive customer feedback immediately after the event encouraging us to host a repeat event in 2024!  Based on that feedback.... you can expect us to deliver!

Here's our original blog announcing the open day:


The fixed price auction showcased a diverse selection of koi, from ex-brood fish to hand-picked tosai and nisai. Attendees had the chance to explore each koi at their own pace during the viewing stage, with the big draw and the winners announced at 12:30 PM. A big thank you to those who secured their prized choices!

In addition to the fixed price auction, we also put on fantastic deals on koi and dry goods, including special bundles tailored for the event.

Club visits

Throughout the past year, we've welcomed numerous clubs and groups of friends to the farm, becoming a staple stop for many. Hosting koi communities is always enjoyable and helps to make the hobby so special for many enthusiasts, and we're chuffed to bits to play our part in supporting that camaraderie. Offering an outing to Adam Byer Koi Farm as part of their club's agenda gives koi keepers a chance to bond over their shared love for koi, having fun and swapping stories along the way.

photo of a koi club visiting Adam Byer Koi Farm

Here's South Kent Koi Club, which were just one of the clubs to visit us in 2023.

Looking ahead to 2024

As you can see, last year was busy!  And, we're planning for an equally busy year in 2024, with increased production and more events!  Please keep an eye on our social media and also the blog for news on key dates.

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Thank you for your interest in our koi.