Open Day at Adam Byer Koi Farm in association with Koi Roadshow on Sunday 4th June 2023

In association with the Koi Roadshow ( Facebook link: , we are thrilled to invite you to the highly anticipated open day at Adam Byer Koi Farm in Hertfordshire!

We are delighted to be a key stop on the Koi Roadshow's tour of the UK's best koi vendors and have a great open day planned for you all, adding our special koi breeder style to make a fun summer's day out. So, get ready for a day filled with excitement, exclusive offers, and as a leading UK koi breeder we are putting on a unique fixed price auction that brings the Japan koi farm experience to you.

📅 Date: Sunday, 4th June

⏰ Time: 11:00 AM onwards (open from 10:00 AM)

📍 Location: Byer Koi Farm, Shantock Cottage, Shantock Lane, HP3 0NG

📍 Google maps :

📍 What3words: timing.heads.robot

🐠 Fixed Price Auction 🎫

Experience the thrill of our fixed price auction, featuring a wide range of exquisite koi. Each koi will be showcased in vats with a fixed price assigned to it. This is your chance to buy ex brood fish, as well as find incredible deals on hand picked tosai and nisai including some specials we've been keeping back for the event! Here's how it works:

🔍 Viewing Stage: During the first part of the open day up to 12:30 PM, explore the fixed price auction fish at your leisure. Each koi will have a certificate displaying its price, accompanied by a small bag.

✍️ Place Your Bid: If you want a koi at the stated fixed price, simply write your name on a piece of paper and place it into the designated bag for that koi.

🎉 Auction Time: At the end of the viewing stage (12:30 PM), we will draw one name from each koi's bag. The lucky winners will be announced. We kindly request that customers who win an auction are committed to their purchase, as this ensures fairness and availability for all participants.

💷 Payment: Once all the auctions have been drawn, we will proceed with the payment process. Winners can make their payments at the designated payment area. Our staff will be available to assist you throughout the payment process.

🔥 Sales Room Deals and Special Bundles 💥
Even if you miss out on the fixed price auction, don't worry! Our sales room will be filled with fantastic deals on koi and dry goods. Explore special bundle offers tailored for this event and discover great discounts on our wide range of EA goods, including treatments, EA Pure Range, treats, EA Varipumps, Tempest, Eazypod, EA Airpumps. Also, Saki Hikari food, and our own food range.

🎯 Games and Prizes 🎁

Participate in classic Adam Byer Koi Farm games for a chance to win exciting prizes! Test your skills in "count the koi in the tank" and "estimate the total length of koi in the vat." Fun and prizes await!

🗣️ Q&A Sessions with Our Experts 📚

Do you have burning questions about Koi husbandry, pond setup, or breeding? Ask any koi question you like...

Our knowledgeable team from Adam Byer Koi Farm will be available for Q&A session that will run from 11:45AM and up to the drawing of the auction at 12:30pm.

They will be available to answer your queries and provide personalised advice. Take advantage of their experience and gain valuable insights to elevate your Koi keeping skills.

Questions can be submitted in advance, either by emailing us ( / or via the contact us form on our website:  ....  or send to Stewart Claxton at the Koi Roadshow via the Facebook link provided.

🥤 Refreshments and Facilities 🚽

We understand the importance of keeping you comfortable throughout the day. Light refreshments will be provided, and there is ample parking space along Shantock Lane for your convenience.  We suggest parking up on one side of the road, on Shantock Lane between us and Long Lane.

We have space for around 10 cars in our car park too.

A customer toilet will also be available during the event.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to enhance your collection, upgrade your pond, or invest in new equipment. Join us at Adam Byer Koi Farm on Sunday 4th July from 11am onwards for an unforgettable Koi Open Day experience!

Save the date, spread the word, and please join us at the event. We look forward to seeing you there!

Adam Byer
Adam Byer Koi Farm