Which one will be the 2015 show winner?

The harvest last weekend went really well, and I pulled out at least 20k kohaku fry from the kohaku #1 spawning - bascially, a good yield.

This is a milestone reached :-)

Now all I have to do is hope the genetics make up is good and there are some show winners in there - and that I can find them!

Which one will be the 2015 show winner? Please let me know if you spot it

Common future Grand Champion.... show yourself!

We harvested the pond differently this year compared to last - using a seine net to extract most of the fry, and then getting the last few by emptying the pond and fishing them our of the water collection area. Here are some pictures of the process

We started by pumping out some of the water using net curtain material as a screen around the pump to avoid pumping our the small fry

The seine netting completed, we end up with most of the fish caught and ready to be moved

We had around 10 bags of fry like this one - packed out! We use the bags to transport the fry and they are only in there for a minute or so.
After emptying the pond, we end up with this pool of water at the drainage point. You can see some fry around the edges and in the bottom left hand corner you can see a group of tadpoles that are half way to becoming a frog or newt - I didnt stop to work it out.

Nest up, selections. And that's this weekend's job.

We are also re-lining the pond to avoid the mishap of last year that you might remember with the "Loch Ness Shiro's". Next spawning probably in a week or two's time.

Bye for now.