This Week's New Koi: 11 Additions to the Website 🐟

We've added a diverse group of 11 new koi to the website this week, each bringing its unique charm.  3 Kohaku's with classic patterns and deep reds, a range of doitsu, including doitsu metallic and others too.  The Kikokuryu is very striking!  And check out the Shiro Utsuri and Showa :-)

 A collection of 11 koi carp of different varieties and colours, swimming in a blue bowl

🌬️ Hold Until Spring: No Extra Charge ❄️

Want to secure one of these koi, but not ready to take any new koi just yet? No worries. We'll hold onto them for you until spring at no extra cost. Ensure a smooth transition when the weather suits you.

🚚 Collection or Delivery: Your Choice 📦

Whether you want to pick up your koi from us or have them sent straight to your door, the choice is yours.

👇 Meet the New Crew: Magnificent 11! 👇

Check out our 'Koi for Sale' page: see the latest additions. The new koi are conveniently sorted at the top for ease of viewing.

📹 See Them in Action 🐠

You can enjoy a closer look at their colours and patterns, and see them interacting together in this video: