Sales Room Reopening and Tosai Release Schedule Unveiled!

We have two announcements in this blog:

1) Our sales room will be open with the normal opening hours from this Saturday.  That's Saturday 2nd March.  For opening hours, please see our google business listing here: 

Byer Koi Farm
07801 235952

2) Tosai release!  We know many of you are keen to hear more on this, and we can now share some news.

We have 3 broad categories of tosai , which is koi bred on the farm last summer;  Small koi mixes, value tosai and tosai.

The small koi mixes will be at ambient and available in the sales room in the next week or two.  Pricing for these is shown here:

Tosai sold as individual koi, are offered in two sizes/grades:

Value tosai, which are some of the best examples in 12cm-19cm size range; and

Tosai which are the best examples in 20cm and larger sizes... 

The release schedule of these individual tosai koi will be staggered. Please note, this is different to how we've done it in the past - where we've collated all the spawnings from the previous year and released them on one day.

This year , we're doing it differently - mainly because 3 of our 11 winter grow on facilities have sprung a leak!  That's brought forwards by a few weeks the moment we harvested and made our selections.

Tosai stock from those 3 systems is now in the sales room , at ambient temperatures, and will be available when we open our sales room at 09:30am from this Saturday, 2nd March.

The varieties in this release are from the following spawnings:

Doitsu Ochiba, including various Aragoke types


Kin Showa, including various patterned scaled metallic types.

We realise this may be a little early in the season for some, so we will be making an online release of some of the most anticipated koi from this harvest... on the evening of Friday 1st March at 8pm.  Follow this link to see the newest koi listings. The new koi are conveniently sorted at the top for ease of viewing:

The online release will include most of the Aragoke types.  And examples from the other varieties too.  More will follow the week after, including our value tosai releases.

Then in subsequent weeks, there will be more value tosai individual koi released online and in the sales room.  

And in early April, we'll release the Oakly Chagoi and Doitsu Metallics.  We also have 1 system with Showa, more doitsu metallics, some goshiki, Benigoi, and a few others... and these will also be released in April.

Asagi and Mukashi Ogons will be released later, probably late April.

And, that's it!

In summary, releases over the next few days are:

- Online release this Friday evening at 8pm.  That's Friday 1st March.

- Our sales room is open at 09:30am this Saturday, that's 2nd March.  And will then be open for the season, 4 days a week.