New Kohaku's 2022 from our Rosie line

Our Rosie Kohaku line is based around a special Takigawa female from 'arimoto' lineage.  She's a stunner, with fantastic volume and amazing skin and colour quality.

Some of these traits seem to pass to her offspring, and the last time we ran her successfully, this happened :

Basically , a wonderful set of results at the BKKS National Koi Show!

The owner Paul Tinker sends through update pictures every so often, and here's the most recent update picture and video I received on a couple of those kohaku's ; one with a very distinctive pattern, and the other a charismatic 2 step.

So you can see why we are happy that finally after a few years, we've landed another good spawning from this special line.

We reared the hatchlings across 2 fry ponds and I selected through the yearlings from the most populated pond today.

Now growing on in our indoor facility where they will stay until the spring.  This picture shows the pond netted up and ready for selection.

These yearlings are just a few months old, and already showing good quality body volume / skin quality / colour.  What makes Kohaku breeding so difficult commercially is the fidelity needed on the pattern on top of all those other aspects, to please the eye.  There's no where to hide in this simple 2 colour, red pattern on a white base koi.

The very best ones are also extremely rare.  Here are some of the best few, and these represent roughly 1 koi in 5000.


This is the type of level of koi that will be raised until nisai here at Byer Koi Farm and released for sale probably at nisai harvest in autumn 2023.  After so much hard work this year (as all years!), it's a real treat for us to start seeing the best few koi from each spawning and seeing what we've achieved with the spawning this year.

A natural tancho, very rare.  We have a couple only like this.  Big bodied 2 step, a classic 3 step also with good body volume, and the other 3 kohaku's also with lovely patterns and showing the great skin quality we get from this line.

These few koi are not the only kohaku's from this spawning, and we have reasonable numbers that will feature in our small koi range and tosai offerings in the spring.  And, talking about our kohaku offering in general for next season, we have another Kohaku spawning from our new Sakai FF female - offspring of the famous S Legend!  That spawning is slightly lower volumes, and will augment the kohaku numbers further in each of our output categories.

So 2023 could be a great time to visit us or buy online if you're interested in the no.1 koi variety, Kohaku!

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