Jumbo Tosai release 18th May

Jumbo Tosai Release - 18th May 2019

We are pleased to announce the release date of our Jumbo Tosai from the following 2018 spawnings:

Kohaku (‘Sharkey’) ; and
Mukashi Ogon

They will be released for sale on Saturday 18th May.

We are open via appointment as normal, and to book in, contact Amanda on 07801 235 952 / amandabyer@hotmail.co.uk

Prices start at £75, and will rise to £145 for the largest of the Ogons; and at that end of the pricing, you’ll be looking at a mid 30’s cm tosai.

This is a great opportunity to get a genuine Jumbo Tosai from us, and whilst we have a good range of Kohaku, Tancho, Benigoi and Ogon to choose from.. we do recommend visiting us at the earliest opportunity after their release.

Here’s a video of the koi we will be selecting our Jumbo Tosai sales koi from.