Happy new year! General round up.. Jan 19

A few weeks ago, we spent the weekend going through all our growing on tanks and making 4th selection on Sharkey, and 3rd selection on Lava Rosa. And we also whittled the mukashi down to the last couple of hundred too.

Overall, we are happy with the results which is welcome considering that last year felt like one of the most difficult year’s we’ve had – probably the most difficult breeding year since my first hobbyist year in 2013.

We've ended the year with our tanks full, and at least as many koi growing on as in our best previous years. We have a great range of tosai kohaku coming through – including some really outstanding ones. And, the mukashi are looking fantastic, and I have a feeling they will prove to be quite sought after.

Here are a few video's from the recent selections weekend:


Some of the better Sharkey kohaku:


And, some of the better Mukashi Ogons:


Paul Tinker joined us for the selection weekend and was a welcome extra pair of hands with a full 2 days of selection work that we undertook. Here he is with Amanda looking over the netted Mukashi tank

As I write, we are starting the final stage of our expansion – with the main aspects being digging the new fry ponds and also increasing our fish holding capacity. It’s imperative this is complete by the end of winter so that we can have a clear run at the breeding and rearing side of things this year. Excitement levels are high, with the prospect of increasing the scale of our kohaku breeding and advancing our whole kohaku proposition. We are planning to massively expand everything kohaku related using around 75% of our increased capacity for that and this will enable us to breed around 3 times as many kohaku as we have done. This is our main focus, but we’re also looking forward to seeing what we can do with the other 25% .. to build on our showa efforts from last year and also some non-go sanke varieties.