Great value Chagoi-Yamabuki-Asagi Mix: 20-25cm - From just £40 each

Following very good spawnings last year in these varieties, we are able to offer deals on the 20-25cm mix of Chagoi, Yamabuki and Asagi.

These koi are sure to grow well, having been bred of very substantial females!  Our Chagoi and Asagi lines are already award winning.  The Yamabuki line is new, bred from a 93cm female Yamabuki from Izumiya who is the master of this variety in Japan.

Purchased as a mix, we can offer great value from just £40 each when you buy 5.

Prices as follows:

1 for £75 (£75 each)

2 for £120 (£60 each)

3 for £150 (£50 each)

5 for £200 (£40 each)

We are happy to make up the mix to your specific requirements.  For example, you can ask for 1 of each,  any combination you'd like.

You can see video of a sample of these koi, here:

And you can order off the website, here: