Clash of the Titans - results

Thank you to all the entrants for taking part in our Clash of the Titans event. This started with yearlings from 2020 spawnings that the entrants took in November with the goal of growing them on and to compare the growth across some of the varieties best known for growth.

After a year of growing on these teams of Titans, we have the measurements in.... And the winner of the growth award is:

Richard Nice

His team of Titans achieved 50cm, 49.7cm (very accurate measuring, Richard!), and 40cm. The 50cm Yamabuki taking the coveted best growth prize.

The koi also achieving great volume presenting the type of strong body shape that is very desirable for a koi to have a special presence when swimming around in the pond.

Richard grew his Titans on in a tank in the garage, filtered by sieve then shower; kept at a constant 20-21C with autofeeder and constant trickle in trickle out.

The next closest entrant, was Mike Hacker with a 43cm Karashigoi, then Matt Stone with a 42cm Yamabuki and Steve Williams with a 41.5cm Chagoi (particularly good from Steve, as this was achieved during a house move!)

Interesting that the Yamabuki's featured strongly in the top growing koi which was probably unexpected. And just goes to reinforce the strength of our Ogon lines.

We've fielded questions about another autumn grow and show this year, and we are working it through. We've already run a large tosai based grow and show earlier this year supplying the Koi Diaries event. But if there was interest, we would be happy to be a conduit for hobbyists to have some winter fun - perhaps another G&S with a team of 2 or 3 yearlings from this year's spawnings. If interested, let us know.