All the fish are now in the tunnel!

Another push, and we've moved all the fish out of the temporary tank on the patio and into the Oval 1 tank that's in the tunnel. I will split the males out into another in the next few weeks.

The temporary pond went green a week or two ago, and it became quite difficult to catch all the fish. We netted most of them with keen eyes and emptied the pond a foot at a time until we caught the better camouflaged ones.

Some of the koi came out of the temporary vat looking better than when they went in. I have two kikusui's that I've had a good run with on the show circuit, and they came out sparkling with very neat edges to the patches of colour and the metallic sparkle was also good. The kohaku's and shiro's were also looking particularly good.

I gave them a few hours to settle in the new pond, then fed them lightly - that's the first feed since late last year. Ammonia's holding nicely thanks to getting the filter media back up to speed over the last few weeks.

Here are a few pics from feeding time!

Check out the white on the male shiro on the right hand side.

The female in the centre is an Udera shiro female that I've brought in to breed from

This lump's had a good run on the show circuit

And a few other pics from this evening:

Thanks Mark and Gaz from AlternativeEden for this "offcut"; it's our first plant in the tunnel. We'll put a few plants around the tunnel to make it a bit more homely

The view out across the Oval 1 pond. I've kept it covered to help preserve temperature. There are air gaps out of shot to allow gas exchange at the water surface.

Picked up a couple of palms (yes, palm trees) to plant near the tunnel.