Talk at South Hants Koi Club

I visited South Hants koi club ( last night to give a talk on our koi breeding project, and how it’s developed over time into an emerging business. It was a great turnout, and always enjoy the interactions with the members in the Q&A. That’s the 3rd club talk I’ve given in the last 6 months and I have one more planned at the Crouch Valley koi club in the autumn.

On the home front, we are preparing for spawnings… perhaps starting proceedings this weekend. The fry ponds are drained and almost fully dried out. So, all that’s left to do is prepare the spawning ropes and nets, and also vats of spare water so we can spread our eggs, and improve resilience.

The other big activity is final tosai selections… And, that is planned for this weekend. We have Witham Valley Koi Club visiting us on Sunday 20th May, and they are taking a batch of our tosai for a grow and show competition.

The fish that we’ll be supplying for the grow and show are amongst the tosai we have in our growing on tanks and.. as well as selecting a batch for the club, we also need to start making decision about which ones to grow to nisai and which to release as tosai.

Here's some video of the larger tosai we're growing on; in the tank are also 2 nisai, and 1 showa male that we've bought in to use as a brood fish this year. The largest tosai in this tank are in the upper 30's cm.

And, here's the tank of 'bonsai' tosai we've been growing on... very pretty, but modest growers. one or two here might be good for showing this summer in size 1:

There are also 2 other growing on tanks with out middle sized tosai.

We need to get through all 4 tanks, and for those tosai we release… they will be available for sale on the weekend of 26/27th May. If you are interested in having a look, then I suggest contacting Amanda to make an arrangement to come and see us that weekend. you can reach her on 07801 235 952 / . There will be lots of tosai kohaku available, most will be priced between £50 and £100.

Finally... I've noticed that those of you who receive blog post updates via email haven't received the last few. The google email distribution system seems to get clogged up every so often! I've clicked some refresh buttons on my side, and hopefully that will unblock the system - and if this update does get sent out via email, I'll send links to the blog posts that email subscribers have missed out on.