Shooting Stars event last weekend (27th Oct '18)

One of the highlights at Byer Koi Farm, and not related to Kohaku! Strange, I know.. Our Mukashi spawning this year was a bit of a test, and turned out really good. And this event is sharing the fun growing on the best tosai from that 'guilty pleasure' Mukashi spawning this year.

Last weekend's Shooting Stars event was great fun, with entrants making the journey to us from across the UK. And we now look forward to hearing how everyone gets on growing on their shooting stars koi. Thank you to everyone who entered, and also Tony , Andy and Rob for helping on the day.

The take up was greater than we expected, with 35 entrants and most joining us at the picking event. Those that couldn't make it, asked us to pick for them... and those koi have been shipped this week.

The remaining koi are being re-intruduced into our growing on tanks and will become available in the spring as tosai... probably, jumbo tosai!

I will pen a full write up in the next few weeks.

Here are a few pics from the day:

From left to right; Amanda, Andy, myself (Adam), and Tony.

Tony, Andy and Rob were our helpers at the event and were a huge support from early morning set up, and also supporting the smooth running of the event for all our customers. Thank you Tony, Andy and Rob! Seen here, we had just seine netted the stock tank where we were holding the 'Shooting Stars' koi , ready to be moved to a blue show vat in the event area.