Second selection of the May 17 #2 spawning

This is just a quick update to share the results of last weekend's second selection of the May 17 #2 spawning.

It took me around 5 hours over the weekend to complete the selection. I didn't keep count of the numbers.. it takes longer to carry out selection and keep count, and time was tight. I estimate there were between 4 to 5 thousand fry that I went through - based on a rough rate of selection of 1000 fry per hour. And we kept around half; just under half infact.

Out of the ones we've kept, there are a few... a small few, that are really promising.

Here are some pics of some of those specials.

And, one of the batches of keepers:

And finally, one special one that my daughter picked out at 1sr selection - and that I've kept at second selection. She's named it 'Dave' the minion.