Saki Hikari Koi Food now available at Adam Byer Koi Farm

Saki Hikari is the diet of All Japan Koi Show Grand Champions and now for sale at Adam Byer Koi Farm.

A long list of All Japan Koi Show Grand Champions have been reared on Saki Hikari, and so we couldn't ignore trying it as part of our continual improvement programme.

We found in trials this range of premium koi food delivers superior results and despite the additional cost, we now use it on selected -fast track- ponds.

Whilst more expensive than our Adam Byer Koi Food range (, and not essential as our own koi food range works well; the improvement in growth rates and overall fish condition we found means it's a feeding option we want to make available for our customers. And, if you are going to try a Japanese koi food, you may as well opt for the most highly regarded option.

So we have signed up with Pedigree Wholesale who are the UK wholesalers for Saki Hikari to be on their authorised dealer programme.

We will hold stock on the lines that we are using, which are Saki Hikari Growth, Balance and Colour.  We have access to the full Saki Hikari range andmay expand to cover the other types in the Saki Hikari range over time.

You can buy Saki Hikari online from our website here:

or we have it available at our retail facility if you prefer to visit us. 

For even more information, please see this video from Hikari about their Saki Hikari koi diet.

If you have any questions on the Saki Hikari koi food, or would like to try it, please don't hesitate to contact us