Online release tonight at 8pm: 4 more bowls starting from £50 each

We have 4 more preview bowls of koi to show you that are being released online tonight at 8pm!

This is in addition to the 3 bowls already previewed yesterday which you can see here:

In tonight's bowls we present our range of very high quality Yamabuki tosai including jumbo tosai.  We are releasing at all the price points to whatever your budget, we have an individual Yamabuki available for you at tosai!

The varieties in today's preview bowls is similar to yesterday and these are more options at a greater range of price points.  We also have our first Goshiki being made available from the spawning of the very special Kanno female we bought in Japan last February.

Go sanke wise, we are presenting some lovely nisai Showa and Kohaku for you in tonight's release.  As you know, Sanke is a variety we have not yet bred and Kohaku we are well known for and have some super nisai for you in this release and also already available online.  But Kohaku tosai are thin on the ground as our spawning in 2023 didn't work out.  So... that's a tricky position for us to be in... to have no Kohaku tosai to offer you, and the continued situation with no Sanke to offer either despite regular asks from customers ... and therefore we are losing the opportunity to supply our customers!  We cannot afford as a business to be losing opportunities to supply our customers.  So we've been doing some work behind the scenes and will in fact be able to offer you Sanke and Kohaku tosai... in next week's release.  More on that later.

Back to tonight's release, and the wonderful range we are making available for you!

Here are the preview bowls:





Thank you for your interest in tonight's release.  We hope you find koi that catch your eye.

Koi can be purchased from the website, and will be available from 8pm tonight here:

The link sorts the newest koi at the top, for your convenience.