Online release Friday night at 8pm: Previews of the first 3 bowls with more to follow

A big reshuffle in the sales room this week has delivered us a larger than normal number of koi for our online release this week... scheduled for Friday night at 8pm.

We're still operating the winter holding offer, which means any individual koi purchased can be left with us until the weather warms up if that is preferred.

We have another large batch of value tosai and tosai from Doitsu Ochiba, Ai/Budo Goromo, Kin Showa, Kin Ki Utsuri and Yamabuki. Plus a few others in small numbers like Kumonryu and Aragoke that missed the net on previous online releases.

With moving koi around the sales room this week we've also pulled out some more stand outs from 2022 spawnings that are yet to be listed.

We are presenting this week's online release in preview bowls by price, following the same process as the last few weeks.

Today we have 3 preview bowls for you; two with £125 individual koi and the other with £75 individual koi.  And we have more to catalogue and upload tomorrow, so expect some additional preview bowls late tomorrow afternoon, a few hours before release.

Koi can be purchased from the website, and will be available from 8pm on Sunday evening here:

The link sorts the newest koi at the top, for your convenience.

Here are the preview bowls from today:

£125 individual koi, bowl 1:

 £125 individual koi, bowl 2:

£75 individual koi, bowl 1: