New logo

We're starting to develop the marketing and brand aspects of the farm, and you may have noticed we have our first logo.

The feedback from our customers and others in the koi industry was that our brand is based around 'Adam Byer', so we've gone for the simple brand of 'Adam Byer Koi' and that says in a very straight forward way who I am and what we do.

There's a nuance around the 'Adam', with it being my name and also the combination of the first two letters of my name and Amanda's too.

Our farm is Byer Koi Farm, and I feel there is more to develop around that aspect, but for now... we have a brand!

And, many thanks to David Brown for his help in designing the logo.

To celebrate the new branding, I've put together a collage of pics with the branding in the middle, and key moments and stand out koi from the last 6 years.

Starting from the top left, and working around the pictures clockwise:

- Our fish at the 2016 South of England show, including the Baby Champion, and 2nd in size 2 overall. We still have the maruten (top right in the pic) which is female and growing on with our parent female koi.
- First selection of kohaku fry
- Some good examples of kohaku at second selection
- Fertilised eggs, 2 days old. You can see the eyes of the developing hatchling in the eggs!
- 4 step kohaku from 'Sharkey's 2016 spawning. We are growing this on currently.
- Koi fry in a fry pond, feasting on the clouds of daphnia
- The noted 'Map of England' kohaku from 'Sharkey's 2016 spawning. Currently in a customer's pond.