Koi slowmo's for the weekend (20/5)

There's nothing better than seeing the koi in slomo!  A great innovation on the iPhone :-)

Many of you are asking about our Kohaku tosai release this year, and it is coming but will be later in the summer.

So we've taken a slomo video of them feeding, and while we were at it, added similar footage of some of the koi we will be harvesting in September from our MGS Showa and the Shiro / LMC Showa / Kujkau nisai grow on tanks.

Back to the Kohaku.  The spawning last year was late in the season, and they also took longer than normal to settle into the winter grow on recirculation systems from the natural ponds.

The colour quality we are seeing is as good as we've produced.  And the body shapes are also reminiscent of the main female we used last autumn, which is Trudy.  She's a massive Matsue kohaku, both in terms of length at 90cm but also in her huge volume.

Patterns wise, we are seeing a lot of quirky pattern styles which on the strong bodies and with the great colour quality, will make for a good range of 20-30cm Kohaku's when we release them in a couple of months or so.

And, whilst we are on the subject of Kohaku, we spawned two sets last night which form the start of our 2022 spawnings.  This is just the beginning of our spawnings this year and we will update you on those as we progress through the spawning roster.