Koi Diaries G&S 2022, tomorrow.

On Sunday 19th June we are hosting the YouTube channel Koi Diaries' 2022 Grow and Show competition.

We are supplying tosai showa from our MGS line, and also Asagi tosai too.

If you are in the event, here is a reminder of the details provided by Andy of Koi Dairies:

Andy joined us recently to catalogue the Showa's and this gave us a great chance to catch up and also to show Andy the Asagi we have put aside for the event, and also all the ake nisai (koi growing on for a second summer to become nisai).  So, a great day all round , and Andy produced a couple of insightful videos from the day which you can find on youtube here:

and here:

We would like to thank Andy of Koi Dairies for choosing Adam Byer Koi Farm for the second year in a row for their grow and show event.

Follow this link to see more of Andy's videos on his Koi Diaries channel:


The combination of MGS Showa and Asagi for the event , and seeing how these koi develop in the entrants' ponds which are all around the country, will be fascinating to watch.  Of particular interest to us will be seeing how the MGS Showa sumi develops in such a wide range of hobbyist ponds.  Plus, the size the entrants can take these koi to as well!

The full range of Showa are profiled in Andy's video, but for a quick peruse, here is a contact sheet of them all lined up.

The range of MGS Showa tosai being supplied by Adam Byer Koi Farm for Andy Daily's Koi Diaries Grow and Show event this year.  The picture shows a contact sheet of all the Showa in the event.

 Until tomorrow....