June 16 spawning - first selection

We've completed first selection on the June 16 kohaku spawning fry that we harvested recently.

The fish were larger than we typically first selection at and that helped a great deal during selections - simply because it was easier to see the detail on the fry.

My overall impression is that the quality was lower than with our trusty okawa female - the one that's produced 2 baby champions for us. But, when I look at the stats at the end of selection - I've kept around 1000 out of 5000 harvested. so, much higher keep rate than normal, and that is in part because I allowed far more tolerance than normal over selection traits to give me a chance to review a wider range of the fry from 1st to 2nd selection as I learn more about the new brood set. it's also in part because there were enough fry with a pattern... so, if I took an optimistic perspective... it bodes well I was able to find that proportion that were worth a go.

before selections....

A video of one pan net of fry. a couple of keepers in this pan net !

video link: youtube link

some of the keepers from the first hour or two of selections

Once complete.. I had to change the bottom drain covers on two tanks so that the fry wouldn't go down the drains... We covered the covers with a netting - which we'll remove in a few weeks when the fry have grown a few cms.

And here's some video footage of the keepers in their new tank:

Video link: youtube video link

Next up, I need to select through this lot.... the fry from our May 16 spawning. these are from the same brood set as our july 14, and may 15 spawnings.

These fry are from the May 16 spawning - the one where the spawning went incredibly well, but the ponds became toxic and we turned to contingency plans in an attempt to salvage a harvest. this is a picture of what we've achieved through contingency plans... and I'm interested on the count up when we select to see how we did.