'Hey Presto, Showa!' - our autumn 2019 grow and show event

Following the success of our Shooting Stars event last year… and all the sparkly and shiny aspects of that, with the extreme growth some achieved…. Several people have asked whether we would run something similar with our Showa spawning this year.

Excuse the pun, but basically this has spawned a new event for us this year, with our Showa’s that we are calling:

‘Hey Presto, Showa!’

Our Showa are spawned from jumbo parents and we expect many of them to perform well on the growth side of things. However, with pattern transformation being such a big aspect of Showa, we've decided to make this event all about development. In short, the event will be – taking a showa just a few months old, and growing it for a year – and after the transformation.. Hey Presto, you have a showa! You get the gist…

The idea is simple. You get to pick from some of the best prospects from our 2019 showa spawning… within the best few percent of that spawning. You take the koi home and keep them for a year. Then, at the assessment point, which will be the end of October 2020… you take a picture of your showa and submit that to us.

The awards will be based solely on how pretty your showa is. Size will not be a factor.

One prize will be awarded by Amanda and I (Adam), and the other prize will be awarded via a public vote. Each prize will be a bottle of champagne.

The picking event will be at Byer Koi Farm, on Sunday 17th November at midday.

Entry prices will be the same as last year, as follows;
1 koi, £25
2 koi, £45
3 koi, £60

Expect the showa's to be around 4 inches long, hopefully in the 4-5 inch bracket.

And the water temperature to be around 14C. I will firm that up nearer the event.

The picking process will work like last year's event, and we'll share more details in due course. As a heads up.. expect a turn based picking process for people to pick 1 koi. Then, a second round done in the same way for anyone wanting a second koi. And this will continue until everyone has what they want.

If you'd like to enter ...

To enter, please contact us on 07801 235952 or email to amandabyer@hotmail.co.uk
We will need your name, and your email address and also to help us plan the event, please also let us know the number of koi you would like.

If you can't make the event in person, then you can have a friend pick for you - or, we can make the pick for you and an ship your koi the week after the event. Our standard one box delivery charge of £25 would apply in this case.

The event will be a lot of fun, and we have already had over 30 people ask to register. So, please do let us know soon if you'd like to join in.

Any questions, and please don't hesitate to ask.