Fry pond update

The fry are nearing first selection size. In the top pond, they're there. in the bottom pond - frankly, we've harvested at that size before, but they could do with another half a centimetre or so.

the top pond has lots of natural food still in play, and we are feeding the pond too but it's almost as if that's a waste of time because of the abundance of natural food.

the bottom pond is another matter. the pond has gone green so we can't see through the water column. I'm pretty sure the daphnia and so on has run out. the fish are still growing but i have this lingering worry about that pond. the fry numbers were so much greater than the top pond, and we are still seeing lots of fry - but I'm not seeing the large clouds of them that I would expect in a pond that looked so promising just a week ago.

we have the BKKS national this weekend, so the earliest time I have to start harvesting the top pond is sunday late afternoon. we could potentially run a partial harvest on the top pond on friday night - but we also need to free up tank space too. so that will probably be friday night's job, and we'll commence the harvest on sunday afternoon.

here are some pictures of the top pond from this evening.

in the first few pics, you can see the fry shoaling in the centre of the pond

i took some close ups of a few loitering in one of the margins. they're looking a little too orange for my liking. guess we'll see what the quality is like after the harvest.