All England Young Koi Show 2022, Saturday at the show ground

We've always enjoyed supporting the koi shows, and take a trade stand at the 3 main shows each year, which are the All England Young Koi Show, The BKKS National Koi Show and the All England Koi Show (September).

At this weekend's All England Young Koi Show, we brought a range of small koi and baby koi fry with us and made them available at very cheap prices to help provide a choice for the people visiting the show.  This coincides with us clearing tanks back at base that we need for spawning in the near future; so always something to bear in mind in terms of the timing if you are looking for the deals from us.

We are back at the show ground tomorrow (Sunday 1st May) for the last day of the show and we look forward to seeing many of you there.

As well as the deals we make available, the shows are a great chance for us to catch up with customers from different parts of the country; some who we've seen at Byer Koi Farm, and others who have not made it to the farm and instead bought from us online with delivery.

Our eldest daughter Annabel started helping us on our stand at last year's shows; and this year has progressed from box making and preparing the bags, to serving customers.  She did a wonderful job, and you can see her in the lead blog photo and some of the pictures below from today:


We enjoyed a steady flow of customers through the day, taking advantage of our great deals on small koi and baby koi fry.

Here's our daughter Annabel delivering some great customer service.

Choices, choices choices!  Lots of choose from in the baby koi fry net.

Lots of thought going into these customers' choices; and Amanda and our daughter Annabel assisting this trio of customers to help them make informed choices.

First customer of the day!  Just a few minutes after the doors opened.


And finally, on the Friday night just before the show.. Amanda and I at the end of a long day setting up the stand assisted by the very experienced Tony Thompson who is also helping us on the stand this weekend.