A week in the life of a koi farmer (wc 11_7 part 2)

Such a busy week, that we've spawned a part 2 for this series of a week in the life of a koi farmer.

Our Vet student placement completed her second week with us last week and we kept her very busy!

The three of us moving ake nisai koi around the growing on polytunnel to create space for further harvests of new season fry.

We enjoyed a bumper hatch from our MGS Showa, which is the same female that was featured in World of Nishikogoi's first magazine edition, and also their blogs and videos - see https://www.byerkoifarm.co.uk/blogs/blog/world-of-nishikigoi-visits-byer-koi-farm-koi-tv

That bumper hatch gave us a massive kuroku job to do, and that's what you see in the photo above.

It's the splitting of the black hatchlings from the yellow hatchlings.

The end result !

And, those being introduced into their new fry pond.  Lets all hope they go well in fry pond 3, where they will stay for the next 4-6 weeks before harvest and 1st selection.

Talking about selections, that's been a big part of the last few days and I've been tackling the Kohaku, Doitsu Ochiba/Shusui harvests.  There are a few Oakly chagoi's in there too, but very few unfortunately.  The ones we do have are amazing.  We might have to spawn her again later this summer for another try to achieve a more useful harvest.

We have two Kohaku spawnings so far this year.  There's Rosie , and also the new Sakai kohaku female which is an offspring of S Legend.  Both seems to have delivered reasonably well, although it's early days and we'll have a better idea around Christmas.

It's very early days with the Doitsu Ochiba / Shusui pairing, but again, we're seeing some interesting prospects from that spawnings and it's a watching brief for the next few months to see their development trajectory.

Here is a medley of video clip from around the fry over the last few days; Opaline fry in the fry ponds, and a range of the other harvested spawnings through selection.  Enjoy :-)