World Of Nishikigoi visits Byer Koi Farm - Koi Tv

We've recently hosted Liam from World Of Nishikigoi at Byer Koi Farm, and spent several days with him through one of our most critical annual processes, reviewing all of our tosai for their final selection.

In this blog post, I will explain a little about that selection process and share some background on Liam which helps to explain why we hosted him at this crucial stage of our koi cycle.

Every selection we perform is important, but some certainly rank higher on the criticality spectrum and this final tosai selection is one of those.  As well as the the raw assessment of a koi's future development potential,  I am also balancing out many additional commercial considerations too; such as my expectations for the koi market, likely demand by variety, and how I assign expensive koi space in our facilities to maximise profit.  You'll perhaps agree, that I have a lot to consider when I review each koi.  And, then there is also an aspect of confidentiality around some of the very special examples we have been hiding in plain sight, and tategoi that we hope will be the start of our pet project which is to develop some new doitsu kawari pattern types.

I've known Liam for a few years.  He first visited us back in 2017 just as we were starting to develop our Kohaku breeding lines into a commercial koi farm business.  He was interested in our Kohaku, and selected some nice tosai examples from our 'Rosie' line of Kohaku.

To show you the quality of Kohaku from that line, please see this material of some of the siblings of the Kohaku Liam took back in 2017, and their success at the BKKS National Koi Show and also some development footage provided by one of our customers.

The awards they won at the 2018 BKKS National Koi Show:

And some development footage of some of those koi after 2 further years of development, in the customer's pond.

You can see the great colour quality on these Kohaku straight away, and in the development update, the impressive body development too. 

Back to Liam's first visit to us, and meeting him for the first time.

In reviewing the tosai we had for sale at that time, I could tell very quickly that Liam had a highly trained eye for Kohaku. And getting to know him that day, I found out that Liam had a deep background in koi and the koi industry. We had basically hosted an experienced koi professional!

You can read a little about Liams history here:
Liam is very talented with a camera, is now combining those skills with his professional koi background to great effect with the World Of Nishikigoi online koi blog.  You may see Liam at koi shows, taking photographs of the winners. His blog regularly ranks highly on Google, and we think his visual media is sublime!  Liam’s history in the hobby and industry puts him in a unique position to be able to tell koi stories that are relevant and insightful.  And having been a hobbyist, and a koi professional, but no longer aligned to any particular organisation, he also brings an independence which I think is another useful attribute for all of us who consume his material.

You may well see some material from Liam resulting from the time he spent with us.  As a starter, you can read his first post about us here:

which includes this lovely 5 minute video feature:

We look forward to sharing with you more output from Liam about Byer Koi Farm.