Fry pond preparations, and a walk around our growing on tanks this Friday evening

We are in full pond preparation for spawnings and fry rearing, and Amanda and I spent the day basically, in the mud.  By the end of tomorrow we should have 3 fry ponds ready to go and we have also decided on the varieties in the first round of spawnings.  The next week will involve some all nighter's as we make a start on this year's spawnings.

I popped into an online koi forum (Koi Forum UK) this afternoon and one of the members asked about when our Kohaku tosai will be released.  Basically, they were a late spawning and then took 2 months to setting into our recirculation systems in the autumn so the whole timeline for them has shifted to the right.  We have new kohaku stock now in the small koi mixes in the sales room.  But for tosai sized koi, and that's the 20-25cm and 25-30cm, we're going to need another couple of months to bring them up to size for release.

A few people on the group were interested in the Kohaku for that release so I've recorded a walk around our growing on tanks this evening, feeding the koi as I went.  You'll see the Kohaku's growing to tosai in the video (I actually say growing to nisai in the video, which is not right... they're growing to tosai release).

Lots of other koi shown in this video too - and these are basically koi we are growing to nisai and will be harvested in September.  You'll see glimpses of the amazing doitsu kawari including the BKF style doitsu ochiba's plus some of the larger Oakly Chagoi and the Asagi too.  Plus the LMC and MGS showas and Shiro Utsuri we are growing to nisai too.

Here's the video:

The nisai growing on tanks are currently being fed Saki Hikari Growth, which we now supply and is available online here: