A late success ?

We could be ending the season with a late flurry of success which would be a marked contrast to the disastrous start we suffered.

The hatchlings from August 16 #2 spawning have settled into their ponds . The top pond has stabilised since I noticed the number reduce markedly - and the pond looks much healthier. I've observed fry all around the margins- not as many as I'd like, but still quite a few. And they are growing ....

The bottom pond is going great guns.. Loads of fry and they are growing fast.

If summer lasts long enough, we could be on for matching our best ever harvest with what we have in the bottom pond and I reckon the top pond could deliver a meaningful number too.

The next few weeks could turn a below average season into our best ever season by a long way, in terms of fry rearing.

In the corner of the bottom pond ....

It looks like this :-)

And here's a video of that spot -->