A couple of quick updates

A couple of quick updates...

Amanda's made us a new seine net that's sized to be a good match for netting up the black tubs. Here it is being put to good use on Saturday:

We've been through 2 of the growing on tanks during March, and with tank space evaporating fast, we're planning to go through them again in the next week or two - and to make our decisions about which to keep to grow on to nissai. This is a little earlier than when we made those decisions last year- the decision is being brought forward because tank space has come under considerable more pressure than ever before - with more tosai being grown on this winter than in the past, and we've also had more 'good growers' than in the past too. I did a spot check a week on the tank which has around 100 of our best growers. they're all at least 30cm, and the largest I measured was 37.5cm. There may be one or two larger than that in the tank too. Many are in the mid 30's cm.

I have video and a few sample pictures from those March selections, and here's a couple from the tank growing on the larger tosai:

this 3 step is 36cm

and this one is 35cm. the depth of the red , and the pattern always gets me interested with this fish. I've profiled it a few times on the blog. dating back to when it was around 10cm long. I'm still not sure it's going to deliver the body that I'd like - but, nevertheless, I am happy with the way the pattern is holding up, and the hi is very attractive when seen close up. sashi similar to the last time we sampled this fish - tight at the back end,but too deep on the shoulder. one to keep an eye on. when this was smaller, the white was in the top 2 or 3 in the spawning. it's looking a little muddy here... but I have a feeling it will clear up at some point over the next 6 months/12 months.

With 4 years of kohaku breeding behind us, we sometimes hear stories about how our koi are getting on in other people's ponds. I received a brilliant one this morning from Richard Nice - who spawned one of our female kohaku with his shiro males! Really happy with the growth Richard has achieved with her and a great performance in the spawning at just 23 months old !

Here's the video Richard sent me:

Video link - click