Want To Start With Koi Fry Early? Introducing Our Pre-Season Mix!

The Pre-Season Mix is a blend of koi varieties from several spawnings ran very late last year and held over the winter so customers who want to get going early this year, can!

The mix is available now for collection or delivery.

The mix has a spectrum of varieties, including doitsu metallics like Beni Kikokuryu, Kikokuryu, Yamatonishki, Doitsu Gin Bekko, Doitsu Kin Bekko, Doitsu Orenji, and Kikisui. As a bonus, you'll find Chagoi, Yamabuki, and even some Karashigoi in there too. Keep an eye out for other unique varieties in smaller quantities, such as scaled Ochiba and the possibility of patterned scaled metallics, plus Asagi and Aka Matsuba.

And if you'd like to see a sample from the mix, please take a look at the picture below:


Creating a cozy environment is key to ensuring the well-being of these early fry.  And you'll need to prepare a warm tank set at mid-teens Celsius to offer them the perfect home for them to thrive through the winter.

If this all sounds good and you'd like to get started, you can order from the website here: 


And we are available if you have any questions.   Contact details here: