vortex tank selection complete.

Pulled out all the kohaku that are still in the vortex tank, put them into this inspection bowl and went through them one by one. The larger keepers are just about 3 inches, and any keepers over 2.5 inches went into the main keepers tank. Anything under that but that we want to give another chance to stayed in the vortex. The remainder went into our tank of koi to move on.

I'm fascinated with tancho's this year. Breeding kohaku's is difficult - and breeding one with a neat symmetrical red marking on the head and with no red elsewhere on the body is tough! I have a few coming through, and there are 2, maybe 3 in this photo that could be interesting

Amanda's favorite find of the night. Small, but what a neat 3 step pattern!

Lets start with the one on the left. Where's the hi (red) on the back end I hear you say. Well, it's not there - and perhaps I should have ruled this one out on that basis. But, the white and red are a class above everything else we looked through - and the pattern on the front half looks stonking. I just had to hang onto it. The other two - some potential there, but a little on the small side.

The tancho (top left) - the red tancho marking looks too small, and slightly off centre. But who knows how it's going to develop, so I've hung onto it.