Update on the male kohaku that won my first competitive prize in size 4, at an open show

A quick update on this male kohaku. It won 3rd place in size 4 kohaku at the South of England koi show this year - that's my first competitive placing at an open show with one of my home bred koi. Whilst the baby champion prize that I won at the same show has the fancy name, and was a special achievement - this size 4 placing ranks pretty high in our evaluation of how we're getting on, with the placing being achieved in a larger size.

It's another one of our home breeds that I would have liked to have grown on for a few years - but, again, I need to raise funds to help plug the gap left by the losses incurred during the spawning accident in May.

Here's a pic of it at the South of England show back in June this year:

And here's a video of it yesterday (11th August), at we measured it at 54cm.

And, as link to the video : youtube video link