Update on my 2015 south of england show, baby champ

A video blog update of the kohaku female from my July 14 spawning that I won my first baby champion award with, at the South of England koi show in 2015.

Measured last weekend at 53cm, and is one of a few fish that I am moving on to help fund replacements for the brood fish I lost in the spawning accident back in May. I'd have liked to have grown this one on for a few more years - but the truth is, that aside from the fund raising needs, I simply don't have the growing space to dedicate to nissai and older fish. It's something we'll need to address at some point, but there are no immediate plans in place.

Here's a link to the vid: youtube link

I'm off work this week and catching up with a long list of jobs... some of which are koi related. I've completed the selection on the june 16 spawning, and hope to do the same for the may 16 spawning by the end of the week.

the top pond outside is in perfect condition for fry, and I'm trying to get some more! we've run two spawnings... I'll know the outcome of the first one tomorrow - eggs were laid this morning, and we'll see fertilisation rates tomorrow. the other spawning was set off this afternoon - and it's the okawa female that I'm trying for her second spawning of the season. she's done it for me before in 2014, and I am now out of females... and with both ponds available... I'm hoping she'll give me at least a small batch of eggs for this second effort.

More on the selections in the next blog post.