Tosai selections

I spent last night cleaning a tank in lieu of the fry harvests due today and tomorrow, so i would have a tank ready for those new fry to go into.

Matthew Nichols from my club (Kangei Koi Club), popped over to give me a hand . We seine netted the growing on tank - did a quick selection; kept around 10 koi and the moved the remaining ones into the tanks where I am holding fish to move on.

Most of the keepers are from the August 16 spawning. The odd one is from a different spawning. I also have a few other keepers from the August 16 spawning that I'm growing on in a separate tank and which are not featured here. I'll write a separate post on those ones when I get to it - in general - those that are not pictured here are the few from the August 16 spawning that I thought might have some potential for shows this year.

So, here are the 10 or so fish I decided to keep to nissai, following selections last night - assume they are from the August 16 spawning unless stated otherwise.

30cm. Not sure which spawning this one came from.

31.5cm. A quirky pattern, and not my cup of tea to be honest. but the hi plates are pretty good in terms of what I've seen from this spawning so I'm keeping this for the next season and lets see how it looks at that point.









And, a few pics of Matt and myself seine netting and moving fish around:

Thanks Matt! A huge help, and great company.

Next up this weekend - harvesting 2 ponds. In full. More on that over the next few days.